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anisnasa's Journal

5 October
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anis nasa
i always wonder if i have split personality
i am quite choosy when it comes to friends but i am friendly too
i am bad tempered, lazy, and easily torn apart
i like to procrastinate and too addicted to the internet
i will always love and support NEWS and YAMAPI
i'm nice too..=)

I started to know Yamapi when I was in High School.
That was when he was in 4Tops group.
Basically he's my one and only obsession..
But then due to school and study stuff I forgot all bout him
I did search back my obsession on him after I finish my high school..
He was in NEWS..
I self study Japanese language for 4 years now(on and off study)
But sadly I can never master it this way.
Life seems pretty hard back then but I'm okay now.